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Though Kathy wasn't built to be a maritime archaeologist, a deep-sea diver or a remote sensing expert, what she is built for is to be a passionate, dedicated and enthusiastic administrative support and writer for the people who are - the ones she calls her heroes.

Kathy Smith - Maritime VAKathy's love of the sea began in childhood while living in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada. Her family lived on the scenic Sooke Basin, and access to it was just a half acre in front of their house. Kathy's parents owned two small cabin cruisers, and the family often spent countless hours on the water. Kathy remembers being very intrigued with the partially submerged wrecks of row boats, canoes and tugs she saw on many outings. She'd surmise stories of how the vessels came to wreck and what happened to the people on board. Next to the family home was a small shipyard that also had a huge impact in shaping Kathy's destiny. She was endlessly fascinated with the various shipsocean-shore that came in to be painted or repaired, and could often be found interviewing people about their lives at sea.

As early as age 10, Kathy dreamed of becoming an oceanographer, but as she got older, she was steered along other paths. Nevertheless, her fascination with the sea remained - though well hidden for a time. After two decades in the onsite office world, Kathy decided to start her own business (a personal dream). At first business was slow, but over time, her client list grew, and soon she was working virtually for clients from all over North America.

So how did the sea return to Kathy's life? In 2004, Kathy's business coach encouraged Kathy to see if she could find a long-forgotten passion and bring it to life. Kathy had, by this time, been occasionally watching a few TV shows about shipwrecks, and a quiet passion was taking hold. A few weeks after the conversation with her coach, Kathy sat reading seaside, looked out at the water, then suddenly exclaimed, "The sea is what brings me joy!" A flurry of thoughts, imaginings and yearnings followed, and then an idea presented itself. Why not contact someone in the maritime world who is connected to ships and shipwrecks? Kathy dared herself on a whim, to email a couple of maritime museums in her region. And to her astonishment, James P. Delgado, then the Executive Director of the Vancouver Maritime Museum and world renown maritime archaeologist, responded. Was it synchronicity? She has no doubt of it. And after several incredibly joyful years working with Jim, Kathy knows that marrying her administrative and writing skills with her passion for all things maritime is where her heart is and where her true passion lies.

Imagine having an assistant who's as passionate about what you do as you are.

The possibilities are endless!

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