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"I fully and most highly recommend Kathy to anyone looking for a project manager. Her skills, passion, and can-do attitude are absolutely fantastic."
~ James P. Delgado, Ph.D., Maritime Archaeologist, Director of Maritime Heritage, ONMS, NOAA

No matter what kind of project you have on the go, I can help. Here are a few ideas...

checkHave a team you need to muster for a expedition?
You can rely on my excellent organization and communication skills to get everyone on board and help oversee team travel, onsite logistics and more.

checkWriting a report or book about your findings?
Let me be your second pair of eyes. See my writing page.

checkGetting a website underway?
I have the skills to oversee the entire project on your behalf. I can work as liaison between yourself and your site designer, ensuring the job is done right and on schedule. Whether you're creating a new website or revamping your current one, I can provide fresh copy and help with site maintenance.

Here are selected testminonials relating to website and expedition project management.

James Delgado
James P. Delgado, Ph.D.
Director of Maritime Heritage


Website Project Management Assistance

"I had wanted to develop a website for a number of years but with a very hectic schedule, never had the time to pursue it. Then Kathy came along, saw my need and pro-actively prompted me to action.

Kathy took the reins, stayed the course and produced results beyond my expectations. I highly value the excellent organizational, communications and writing skills she brought to the project. She was always full of great ideas, kept the big picture in mind, worked extremely well independently while supervising the web designer's tasks, and was very professional, courteous, and enthusiastic about her work. I found her ability to adapt to my ever-changing availability exemplary. I believe without her perseverance and passion, this project would never have been completed. Kathy has since gone on to maintain my website and carry out myriad of administrative responsibilities for me, which has greatly reduced my workload in these areas.

Kathy has proven herself to be a major asset and a great team member. I look forward to continuing to work with her. When people ask me, as an archaeologist who works beneath the sea, if I’ve ever found treasure, I answer, not beneath the waves, but yes, in one exceptional virtual assistant.” If you are considering hiring Kathy to manage your website project, you will be in very good hands."

James Delgado
James P. Delgado, Ph.D.
Director of Maritime Heritage

Bow of Explorer

Expedition Project Management Assistance

"In the fall of 2005, I handed over the responsibility of managing a major archaeological expedition’s travel and logistical organization to Panama to Kathy. She became effectively the point-of-contact for our entire team, which included scientists and experts from Canada, the United States, and Australia. Kathy booked all of the team travel, accommodations, coordinated with our onsite contacts in Panama, and communicated with several United States and Panamanian government officials. The entire project took approximately six months to coordinate, with the main activities concentrated the month before the trip.

Kathy worked extremely well independently and showed no hesitation in carrying out her duties. She asked questions when needed, then proceeded on her own. Her communication skills are top-notch and she made everyone involved in the project feel welcome and kept them all very well informed. She happily went about her work with passion and dedication and reported to me on a consistent basis, leaving me free to work on my other commitments. She also brought the project in under budget. That is a rare and highly prized skill.

This expedition to Sub Marine Explorer in February 2006 was among one of the best in my career. Everything went off without a hitch, thanks in large part to Kathy's work. She was efficient, professional, and always on top of everything. I couldn't have asked for better or more in working with someone. I fully and most highly recommend Kathy to anyone looking for a project manager. Her skills, passion, and can-do attitude are absolutely fantastic."

Imagine having an assistant who's as passionate about what you do as you are.

The possibilities are endless!

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