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With over 19 years experience, I can turn my hand to writing on almost any subject for any audience. I have an innate ability to quickly intuit a client's personality and write from a blank canvas, a short interview, bullets points or a brief outline. In many cases, I can deliver what's needed without speaking to the client. I have experience writing for government departments, non-profit societies, newspapers, magazines, Internet-based businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and experts in the maritime industry.

I bring my intuitive nature to each job, know the right questions to ask, and can provide quick turn-around for reasonable timelines. I am also an excellent editor and can re-work pieces that come to me in any condition and edit for clarity, grammar, and sentence structure, and I can re-purpose work efficiently and effectively.

My Writing Experience Includes and is Not Limited to...
  • articles for print publications as well as Internet-based businesses
  • newsletters (print and online)
  • flyers (print and online)
  • website copy & sales pages
  • autoresponder copy
  • speaker kits
  • media kits
  • bios/profiles (individuals and organizations)
  • e-books
  • print books
  • press releases
  • blog posts
  • tweets

"I have worked with Kathy for several years on a variety of projects, both in the field and after the field work is done. She has been an indispensable member of the team, and a great and supportive assistant as we have juggled a variety of requirements for books, articles and reports intended for scholarly and popular publication, as well as for the Internet. I could not have done it all, or on time, without Kathy's eagle eye, keen skills, and supportive and on-time style."
~ James P. Delgado, Ph.D., Maritime Archaeologist, ONMS, NOAA

"Working with Kathy on a manuscript allowed me to focus on the story while she perfected the flow and mechanics. Her participation in all my writing, including web pages and promotional flyers, has significantly elevated the level of my work."
~Vince Capone, M.Sc., Side Scan Sonar and Marine Technology Expert, Black Laser Learning®

"Working with Kathy is an absolute pleasure. She quickly captures information and prepares drafts for me that are 90% ready to fly. She genuinely knows how to write in my voice and convey what I want to say, all the while, working with high integrity, flexibility and a superb can-do attitude. I almost didn’t write this as it reminds me of telling a bunch of people about a great restaurant find. The next thing you know, you can’t get a reservation. She is really that good." Gord McDougall, CEO youPlus Coaching

"Kathy's writing skills are outstanding. She is very adept at writing for the coaching industry but is also very versatile and can write on any subject for any kind of audience. I've had her write for several of my clients and the results are always top-notch. Her work rarely needs editing and is always presented in a professional and timely manner. ~ Pam Ivey, Ivey & Associates

The list below includes articles published in several health and business-related publications.

I was a monthly mental health columnist for Health Care News (Vancouver publication) for 1 ½ years, a copywriting stringer for the Business Examiner (Victoria) for 1 ½ years, and a quarterly columnist with Looking Great magazine (Winnipeg). I am also past editor for the Canadian VA Network (CVAN) newsletter, and the Periodical Writer's Association of Canada (PWAC) newsletter. Currently I am the calendar of events editor for Focus magazine (Victoria).

Click on selected links below to read samples.

Published Articles
(listed in date order)

checkIn the Wake of the Mighty Thompson

September 2009 - Impowerage (Vancouver)

Keeping Change in Proportion

Premier Issue, Fall 2004 - Looking Great (Winnipeg)

What the heck is Buccaneer TV?
May 14, 2003 - Esquimalt News (Victoria)

Enduring architectural firm sets sights on diversifying
April 2003 - Business Exminer (Victoria)

Psychiatric Dis/Abilities Program
Spring 2003 - Visions, BC's Mental Health Journal (Vancouver)

Chalk It Up Signs chalks one up for business niche
April 2003 - Business Examiner

A realtor with lasting appeal
March 2003 - Business Examiner

DMG Financial focuses on people, then product
February 2003 - Business Examiner

Foster Air Conditioning Ltd. - 75 years and counting
February 2003 - Business Examiner

A Personal Trainer with a Personal Touch
January 2003 - Business Examiner

Report paves way for smoke-free teens
Winter 2002 - Cross Currents (Ontario)

Unity Business Machines takes light approach to advertising but remain serious about customer service
September 2002 - Business Examiner

Friendly Notaries make clients feel at home
August 2002 - Business Examiner

A Career with Clarica is Waiting
August 2002 - Business Examiner

checkIsland Blue - 90 Years Strong
July 2002 - Business Examiner

Shoal Point Offers Business on Waterfront
June 2002 - Business Examiner

The Glenshiel
June 2002 - Business Examiner

Club Phoenix
April 2002 - Business Examiner

Naturally, it's in the diet
January 30, 2002 - Oak Bay News (Victoria)

Beginning the New Year Stronger Than Ever
January 3, 2002 - Business Examiner

Sculpting A New Life
November/December 2001 - Active Living Magazine (Ontario)

checkBaywest Home Centre - Building a Loyal Clientele
November 19, 2001 - Business Examiner

checkRoyal Roads Unique Business Coaching Program
August 2001 - Business Examiner

Unique Approaches: Women In Victoria's Health Industry
August 2001 - Business Examiner

Good Diet and Exercise Habits Can Help in the Fight with Schizophrenia
July/August 2001 - Schizophrenia Digest (Ontario)

checkThey Share a Love for Art, Purely by Accident
July 8, 2001 - Victoria Times Colonist, Islander section

Common Budgeting Principles Apply to All
May/June 2001 - Schizophrenia Digest

Coaching Good Remedy for Transitional Changes
March 7, 2001 - Oak Bay News

New Year, New Hope for Anxiety Sufferers
January 17, 2001 - Peninsula News Review (Victoria)

checkHigh-Tech, Non-Lethal Weapon New Option for Police
Sept./Oct. 2000 - Schizophrenia Digest

Disturbing Media Images Still Rampant
July - 1999 Schizophrenia Digest

Springtime in the Canadian Rockies
May 1999 - Picture This (Seattle)

Porcelain Veneers
May 1999 - Picture This

Step Up Romance with a Springtime Picnic
May 1999 - Picture This

checkVancouver Island a Sculptors' Haven
November 15, 1998 - Victoria Times-Colonist, Islander Section

Schizophrenia in the Family
Spring 1998 - Schizophrenia Digest

Looking to a Positive Future
March/April 1998 - Insight Health Magazine (Victoria)

Project Inter-Seed, Growing Relationships in Health Care
December 1997/January 1998 - Insight Health Magazine

The Victoria Citizen Advocacy Society/Friendship Overcoming Disabilities
October/November 1997 - Insight Health Magazine

Victoria Women's Conference Focuses on Informed Decision-Making
June 1995 - Health Care News (Vancouver-now defunct)

checkEducation Key to Treating Child Depression Properly
June 1995 - Health Care News

Options on the Rise for HRA's
May 1995 - Health Care News

checkAlternating Darkness and Light
April 1995 - Schizophrenia Digest

Blenkinsop Project is One Year Old
March 1995 - Health Care News

Psychiatry in the Community
February 1995 - Health Care News

checkHealth and Safety in the Workplace
February 1995 - Health Care News

Alternating Darkness and Light
December 1994 - Health Care News

Helping to Solve Hearing Problems
November 1994 - Health Care News

checkWork and Disability
October 1994 - Health Care News

Community Nursing - New Perspective
October 1994 - Health Care News

Sign Brings out Smiles
August 1994 - Esquimalt News

CMO Gears Up for Major Event
July/August 1994 - Health Care News

The Yew Tree Family Restaurant
June 1994 - Goldstream News Gazette (Victoria)

New Directions in Progress
June 1994 - Health Care News

Boot Scootin' Fever
June 1994 - West Coast Country Magazine (Vancouver Island)

Seniors Scoot Their Boots
June/July 1994 - South Island Seniors Magazine (Victoria)

Centre Makes Great Inroads
May 1994 - Goldstream News Gazette

Emergencies of the Mind
May 1994 - Health Care News

RN Battles Job Discrimination
April 1994 - Health Care News

checkMental Health - Moving Into the Community
March 1994 - Health Care News

Time Out for Caregivers
February 1994 - Health Care News

Partnership in Action
January 1994 - Health Care News

Boot Scootin' Kicks In
January 1994 - Esquimalt News

It's Not Just My Nerves
May 1993 - Health Care News

Imagine having an assistant who's as passionate about what you do as you are.

The possibilities are endless!

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